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Many thanks for the support in the implementation of the following projects, among others: 100 Pianos, Lunchbreak Concerts | Vol. 2, Earthquake in Schwamendingen, Social Distancing | Musical Approaching, Pavillon Le Corbusier.

How can we support musicians during the lockdown? Right at the beginning of the Corona crisis in March 2020, we asked ourselves this question and developed the project Social Distancing – Musical Approaching almost overnight. Composers of all stripes were invited to compose a one-minute piece and produce a short video clip for it. The last bars of each piece were passed on to the following musician, who then linked their composition to the previous one. The result: a music collage of a different kind. Numerous requests were received, from which we selected 16 composers. In June 2020, we presented the collage under the name "Corona Symphony" in a private performance to all project participants.

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