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100 pianos – Soundscapes from Kunsthaus to Münsterhof

With a collective of 100 pianists we come together in Zurich’s old town to create a new sound. We invite everyone not only to listen, but also to join in right away. Join us and help us bring the siren alarm to the whole city: Pick up the keys yourself, lend us your piano or contribute to the artists’ fees.

In cooperation with Kunsthaus Zürich, guerillaclassics breaks out of the exhibition “Gerhard Richter. Landscape.” At ten different locations, we will make the Old Town resound simultaneously – from pianos rolling across Heimplatz, to pink toy pianos on Weidlings on the Limmat, to the large organ in the Fraumünster. Starting with a concert in Kunsthaus with Luc van Doornick and Marta Patrocínio, the piano sounds by composers who accompanied Richter in his creative process will then let ourselves drift from one sound island to the next. Landscape images become landscape sounds become soundscapes.

Each of the stations will also be broadcast via live stream to the Kunsthaus (lecture hall) as well as on social media.

With: Agnes Polgar, Alessandra Münger, Alessandro Pittini, Alexander Schwarz, Alice Hohberger, Amit Dubester, Ana Silvestru, Andi Szalatnay, André Desponds, Andrea Isch, Andrea Paglia, Anna Pismak, Anna-Victoria Baltrusch, Ariel Lima, Asia Ahmetjanova, Benjamin Sonnleitner, Bowin Peng, Carolina Sarmiento, Christian Jelicic, Claudia Binder, Coen Strouken, Daniel Fueter, Daria Krutaja, Devrim Özbek, Duri Collenberg, Elena Vartikian, Eriko Kagawa, Eva Polgar, Florian Gabele, Florian Kolb, Hester Wiggers, Ilayda Hürsever, Ingrid Karlen, Kaan Peeters, Jeremy Mätzener, Johannes Hermann, Jonas Peyer, Jonathan Sonnleitner, Judit Polgar, Lena Schmidt, Leyal Hürsever, Lua Jungck, Luc van Doornick, Maja Wüthrich, Manuela Keller, Marco Amherd, Margie Wu, Marta Patrocinio, Martin Kutruff, Mathias Roth, Max Petersen, Mayu Okishio, Naomi Messina, Michal Muggli, Mischa Cheung, Norina Hirschi, Nuriya Khasenova, Pablo Lienhard, Petra Ronner, Rafael Rütti, Shih-Yu Tang , Simon Joss, Sophie Aeberli, Stefan Kägi, Susanne Wohlgemuth, Vera Blum, Werner Bärtschi, Zoe Frazer and many more.

18.30-19.00 Uhr:
Concert at Kunsthaus Zürich with Luc van Doornick und Marta Patrocínio (Admission only with valid exhibition ticket)

19.00-20.00 Uhr:
Concert in the Old Town*


1) Kunsthaus
2) Heimplatz
3) Hirschli
4) Helferei
5) Karl der Grosse
6) Musik Hug
7) Wasserkirche
8) Limmat
9) Fraumünster
10) Zunfthaus zur Meisen