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our vision.

guerillaclassics wants to foster a broader view of what, where and how classical musics are and could be. By disrupting habits and norms, we create environments and open spaces in which diverse perspectives on classical musics worldwide can meet, clash and mingle. We want classical music to become an open forum for inspiring ideas and challenging hybrids of old and new, familiar and strange, solace and turbulence.

guerillaclassics believes in the power of synergy through collective artistic experiences. We understand the necessity to realize spaces for discourse through artistic experiences that begin before the stage and continue after the performance.

In guerillaclassics, artists are invited to shape a collective process through collaboration and co-creation. As part of this collective process, we keep our focus on reflection and growth. We work at the intersection of disruption and comfort, to turn our visions into actions.

Have the courage to try something new, to embrace failure, to expand your passion!