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our vision.

guerillaclassics challenges the legacy of classical music. Always. We do this by disrupting normative processes. Our intent is to foster a broader view of what classical music is and could be. We create environments and facilitate access through which diverse views on classical music can meet,  allowing a greater openness to hybridity.

guerillaclassics believes in the power of synergy through collective artistic experiences. We understand the necessity to realize spaces for discourse through artistic experiences that begin before the stage and continue after the performance.

In guerillaclassics artists have the chance to shape together a  their collective process, through collaboration and co-creation. Because we work at the intersection of disruption and discomfort, we continually strive to hold space for reflection and growth, as part of our collective process.

Have the courage to try. Have the passion to Fail. Have the belief you can do better.