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many ideas
need many formats.

guerillaclassics works on the one hand into the different art scenes, on the other hand into different projects. For this, guerillaclassics takes on different roles. To the art scenes, guerillaclassics offers:

guerilla-actions in public space

Spontaneous pop-up concerts to surprise different communities in special places. To date, over 100 actions have taken place - from the Openair Wipkingen to the Fête des Vignerons and the Sertig Schwinget.


Focused experimental platforms for innovative concert formats that appeal to a diverse audience and place a special emphasis on participation.                                                                                                     


guerillaclassics facilitates international collaborations and has a global network of artists. Accordingly, international productions are shown both in Switzerland and abroad.

Talks/ Listening Sessions

With formats such as Talks or Listening Sessions we want to make processes public, let the audience participate and contribute to the reflection of classical music.

Research Residencies

With residencies we give artists the opportunity to develop projects over a longer period of time, to interact with the local scene and to research in depth.                                                 

Installations/ Exhibitions

Due to the transdisciplinary orientation of many guerillaclassics projects, they can also be shown in the context of exhibitions and installations.                                         

Documentation/ Archiving

The artistic documentation and making available of our projects is an important part of our work. We accompany the projects in various forms and want to share insights and experiences openly.