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The Year of Hope | Concert at Chinagarten Zurich

20. May 2023 • Riccardo Acciarino, Bayanzul Damdinsuren

Less than ten minutes away from the hustle and bustle and noise of Bellevue, on the Zürichhorn, lies what is probably one of the quietest places in the city: small pagodas, bamboo bushes, pines and ponds in the China Garden evoke the impression of the Far East; only very faintly, in the warmer months, does the music from the boom boxes and children's screams from the adjacent China Meadow waft over the walls surrounding the garden. How to give sound to silence without breaking it? Multi-instrumentalist Riccardo Acciarino from Milan and Bayanzul Damdinsuren from Mongolia want to make an attempt in May.

The organization Mandach Naran, which supports various projects in Mongolia, had initiated the musical meeting a few months ago by making it possible for the two musicians to meet in Zurich.