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Soulfood Delivery – let the music come to you

#stayathome lautet die Losung des Moments. Um die Verbreitung des Corona-Virus zu verlangsamen, sind wir angehalten zuhause zu bleiben und die eigenen vier Wände nur dann zu verlassen, wenn es wirklich nicht anders geht.

As a result, a ghostly stillness pervades the street – well, more or less. Some restaurants and cafés adapted to the situation and have re-opened for takeaway purchases and deliveries. If people can no longer come to the food, let it come to them.

So much for food, but what about music, art, dance, theatre, and film – in other words, what about food for the soul? No matter how expedient it is to stream concerts online and go on virtual museum tours, nothing replaces the feeling of experiencing culture up close and personal.

That’s why we’re announcing the start of our corona pilot project: soul food delivery.

On their bikes or by foot, our musicians bring music straight to you: to your door, your garden, underneath your balcony, or your courtyard. And don’t worry: to ensure the safety of everyone, proper distances will be observed at all times.

Contact us at info@guerillaclassics.org. Together, we will tailor a concert to your preferences. Prices start at 100.00 CHF.

Transparency is key

Every musician participating in this project is paid 300 CHF for every concert. Our aim is to support artists and musicians in these difficult times these days.

We’d very much appreciate it if you would like to help us supporting our local artists and musicians.

The project will be running at least until the end of the 2nd Lockdown…