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Listening Session I

01. November 2023 • Florian Kolb, Tina Omayemi Reden, Nina Emge, Severin Kolb, tracy september

The first Listening Session featured two parts. With the work "if love could change us or tainted" we are invited to the choreographed playlist and indirketen conversation. A listening moment in which the exchange is practiced and shared in different ways. If love could change us or tainted, is a work performed by Nina Emge with Tina Omayem Reden. The second one, titled Wolf Tones, is hosted by the Zurichois sound artist, composer, and improviser Florian Kolb. He uses the violone - a fascinating precursor to the stand-up bass - and the bagpipes to create a unique sound experience by channeling the estranged sounds of the baroque era and of folk music. These kick-off Listenings serve as an opportunity “to listen to the world as a field of possibilities” (Oliveros). 


Curated by: tracy september and Severin Kolb