Founder and Artistic Director

As the former assistant to the creative director of the Konzerthaus Berlin and the interim director of DAVOS FESTIVAL, Hiromi Gut, founder and artistic director of guerillaclassics, is intimately familiar with the running of cultural institutions. Her experiences in these positions and her studies in economics and singing inform her decision to bring guerillaclassics to life. Since the project’s inception, Hiromi Gut has continuously expanded the pool of artists with a range of exciting musicians, singers, and performers.


Artistic Management Office

Jakob Blumer studied economics and is an accomplished violinist. As company manager, his stoical manner and far-ranging experience with independent projects allows him to steer the ship that is guerillaclassics through the rough waters of the music industry — without foundering in the shallows of bureaucracy, the procuration of permissions, and the handling of different personalities. In addition, he manages musical talent for his agency blumer weiss.


Communication and Social Media

A former member of staff of the Zurich Film Festival and Ron Orp, Sandra Smolcic is responsible for curating the public presence of guerillaclassics, from social media channels to the making of behind-the-scenes videos to managing media contacts. In addition to this role, Sandra Smolcic also supervises communication for Winterthurer Musikfestwochen as whose co-director she also actively promotes music and culture in the region and beyond.


Program and Dramaturgy

Building bridges between different strains of cultural life has been one of the key interests of Severin Kolb. As head of the Joachim Raff Archive he enjoys the challenge of the multifaceted scientific work combined with the organisation of events. Currently, he works on his PhD – unsurprisingly about Joachim Raff. He writes programme notes for different orchestras (such as Tonhalle Zürich or Musikkollegium Winterthur), ensembles and other musical projects. He is the co-founder of the experimental electronic music project Quarantäne.