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Under the Platanus Hispanicus

30. September 2023 • Marina Mello, Lara Salamon

On a sunny Saturday afternoon after a stroll through the city of Zurich, guerillaclassics surprises the urban crowd with harpist Marina Mello and flutist Lara Salomon. The two share a passion for Brazilian works, from Heitor Villa Lobos to Cláudio Santoro. The Balada of Osvolo Lacerda will meet you next to the rushing Sihl. All present will be protected by the Sycamore tree, which actually fills the whole room as a stage set. We look forward to meeting under the tree, which was planted in 1875, to listen together to the two musicians and the sounds of the city of Zurich.

Saturday, 30.9.2023, 16.00, at the Platanus Hispanicus next to the Rio Bar Zurich.
More information about the 149-year-old Sycamore tree in the tree cadastre of the city of Zurich.