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What happens when musicians from different musical backgrounds share a space for a day to play together? Much like in a WG they would get to know each other, commune over a meal and reflect over various matters. This idea of the «WG» inspired Jakob, guerillaclassics’ artistic manager, who had brought up the idea of an open, free creative space in order to foster new artistic relations and create music that connects to questions of our times.

Inspired by her recent tour to South Africa earlier this year, artistic director Hiromi got to experience the beauty of classical music through a different lens. Interactions with artists like Tracy September guided the team of guerillaclassics towards questions like what is classical music outside of a European context and to think more deeply about what classical music represents in different parts of the world. Why is it that so-called classical music has always been thought of mainly as European music? Where do we draw the line between classical and traditional music?

The new approach presented an exciting concept for guerillaclassics. One that everybody quickly agreed on experimenting around the «WG idea». So, the next question was: Who should move in and how would the musical content be created?

South African vocalist and DJ Tracy September was the first «housemate» to hop on board. Tracy aka TRA suggested the musical practice of deep listening along with formats of improvisation and ideas of which other artists could move in.

Swiss pianist Mischa Cheung was the next to move in. Mischa has a classical music education background and loves to experiment with different styles, challenging the concepts of classical music.

The pair is joined by Senegalese Kora-player Sadio Cissokho who comes from a familial African Griot tradition from West Africa that not only makes him a versatile musician, but also a compelling storyteller.

On Saturday, June 20th, the three artists will meet musically for the first time at Hyperlokal Zurich. Be a part of the process as they reflect on the times, navigating through questions around the past, present and future!

Solo performances | 5 – 6 pm

How did Tracy, Mischa and Sadio learn the instruments they are playing? Who taught them? What would their teachers say hearing them play today? In this family-friendly interactive session the trio will be spread across the venue, each sharing the musical roots of their practice to reflect back on the sounds that influenced them. The audience is invited to move freely around the venue.

Deep Listening | 8 – 9 pm

Sitting down together to contemplate and listen attentively to how the artists improvise to musically express the emotions to questions of the current times and their responses that come up in that very moment.

Celebrating a New Sound | 10 – 12 pm

Looking ahead and focusing on shaping a ‘new normal’ whilst celebrating hopes and dreams for the future. How might this future sound and feel like? We open up the space for discovery, inviting you to lose yourself in the music, share a dance or mingle around the bonfire in the backyard.

Access to the concert is limited. Save your spot by registering by June 19 for the set(s) you want to participate in by signing up here: bit.ly/concert-reflectingthetimes

**Please note that hygiene precautions & restrictions will be put in place as per government recommendation.